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"Within each one of us lies the power of healing, of understanding, of peace.”-White Eagle

Healing is an important part in each and everyone of our spiritual life. With the influence of his spirit guide White Eagle, Stewart has spent many years developing his healing abilities to share with others for the highest good of all.

Stewart began his journey by healing himself within when he felt a calling to share his healing ability with others.  


What is Trance Healing?

Stewart followed his calling to heal others with a Reiki course to gain a deeper understanding of his healing ability that he was already aware of and to gain accreditation for safe and ethical practice. Stewart was also developing in Trance Healing, which he felt more drawn to and offers Trance Healing

as a Healing Service with his spirit guide White Eagle.

Trance Healing is a unique, spiritual healing experience whereby the medium allows their spirit guide to blend with their energy. Therefore, the healing provided comes directly from spirit and can be felt with a warm or tingling sensation in the body. The spirit also uses the voice box (throat chakra) of the medium to speak to the client about their conditions and where/what parts they are healing. 

In a Trance Healing session with Stewart, White Eagle blends with Stewart's energy and will communicate areas (chakras or describe the imbalances) for the focus of the healing. White Eagle uses Stewart's hands to channel the healing energy (as seen with Reiki), and will communicate with the client as he is healing.

If you feel drawn to a Trance Healing with Stewart, please find the booking link below.

You do not need to tell Stewart your medical history as White Eagle will speak directly to you where he feels healing in needed.

Disclaimer: Stewart is not a medical doctor so this is not a replacement to conventional therapy. It is a spiritual, holistic and complementary healing therapy.

Love & Light,

Spiritual Life with Stewart

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