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I am an evidential trance medium and also a developing physical medium, based in Portsmouth, UK.

I offer private one-to-one card readings and trance demonstrations both online or in person. You can also find me doing free online trance demonstrations from my Facebook group called ‘Mediumship Trance with Stewart.’ - please feel free to join.


Additionally, I run online zoom events and will travel for events and workshops, (dependant on current government COVID-19 guidelines).


White Eagle, my channelled guide is keen to support people’s progress on their spiritual pathways and their life both physically and non physically. Answering any questions that you have about your spiritual pathway, your road to enlightenment, your abilities or your material life. White Eagle brings through proof and evidence of survival that we live on in spirit, and has the ability to accurately pass on treasured messages from your loved ones from the spirit world.


You can ask specific questions to White Eagle and he can supply you with comforting answers and your own personal messages.

To book a session or for further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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