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"I spoke today with White Eagle and as before it was amazing. He brought a lady named Gladys and Phylis, both of who I knew briefly in life. It was nice to speak to Gladys after all these years. I also saw transfiguration take place as Stewart's face started to change and many faces were trying to show themselves. Spirit are amazing and so it Stewart's mediumship."


- Elaine, Portsmouth

"Stewart Legg is a true medium for the spirit world. Stewart doesn’t tell you what you want to hear… his spirit helper White Eagle does all the talking - and he tells you just what you need to hear.

I had an online appointment with Stewart on Friday, and he comes across as very friendly. He made a point of telling me to say nothing about myself, in case it affected the evidence from the trance session, which is good advice.

We had a short chat about the summer weather and how busy he’s getting, then Trudi McHugh joined us and she explained the process of the reading and how I could ask questions if I needed to.

Stewart asked if I was ready for the session to start, then he told me what his spirit helper wanted to talk to me about.

After a minute or so Stewart told me White Eagle was almost ready to speak. Another minute or so later Stewart’s voice changed and White Eagle said hello to me. His voice is low and very gentle and caring. He has a very respectful manner and he checks that you know what he means by regularly asking ‘Do you understand?’ I knew the session would last over half an hour, but I didn’t know what to expect.

It turned out that the whole session was about me - and that is how a reading should be. I was given so much advice I wish I had recorded it. He talked about my interests and suggested how I could make life easier for myself. He told me about my work and how I could be more successful. I was advised about some family issues, which put my mind at rest. But for me, the most important part, were the messages from my family in the spirit world.

Stewart doesn’t know me. He might see things I post online, but I don’t post everything - I certainly don’t share anything personal. But through his mediumship he was able to bring through the essence of a relative in the spirit world - and give me confirmation of his identity, by reminding me of things I had forgotten from 40 years ago. I was told things that Stewart knows nothing about. For almost 25 minutes I was given references and reminders from my relative, that confirmed for me they are still around, still aware and still involved in my life. And that’s what mediumship is all about.

Stewart has a loud and clear voice, but with White Eagle I had to listen more carefully. His quiet manner is full of love and genuine interest in his sitter.

I have no hesitation in recommending Stewart’s mediumship. I hope he goes from strength to strength and his development progresses to even greater things."

-Karl Jackson Barnes, UK

"A great reading just now. Not only was I given evidence that he had my loved ones with him but also concrete evidence of some information about the spiritual realm that I had been given in trance almost a year ago. Thank you White Eagle, Stewart and Trudi"

- Rhian, Southampton

"I had a trance reading with White Eagle through Stewart this morning. I have to say the evidences that were brought forward were astonishing! A Native American guide that I have been aware of helping me with my physical mediumship was brought through as well as my Grandfather which I have also been aware of him helping me with my development. I was told things of my past, present and given insight on things to come. This was such an uplifting experience. If you are thinking of getting a trance reading with White Eagle through Stewart, don’t hesitate, you will be amazed. I felt completely relaxed with White Eagle, Stewart and Trudy, it was as if I have known them a lifetime. Thank you White Eagle, Stewart and Trudy! Many blessings."



                                                                                                                                             - Darlene Johnson, USA

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